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Studio five
Peter Jackson097
JC 4955-347-9013
JC 4532 - 24.12.65004

A small sample of the John Cole Archive...

JC portfolio 2021
JC Twiggy119
Kenny Lynch 1969 John Cole 099
John Cole107
JC 1199  8-7-69008T
JC4399 -1-9-65036
JC 4476363
Here come the girls

Original print Studio Five 1956-1968

Original print Studio Five 1956-1968

Celia Hammond - Original print Studio Five 1956-1968

Original print Studio five 1956-1968

John Cole at work at Studio Five 1956-1968

Vicky Hodge with John's assistant PeterJackson first right. Circa 1970 John's Brick Street Studio 1970-1985

JC4913 28-7-66-128

Linda Keith - Original print Studio Five 1956- 1968

Girl at Southbank 1969

JC 1164 19.3.69094

Chemstrand tights 1966

John Cole portfolio Circa 1950

John Cole portfolio Circa 1950

Dorothy Bond and Kenny Lynch 1969

Original Print Studio Five 1956-1968

Girl around London town 1969

Studio Five 1965

Ted Hemming 1969

Joanna Lumley Studio Five 1963

Studio Five 1967

Mary Quant Ginger line 1966

Number one Son and Daughter at Studio Five 1962

Number One Daughter in a field!

Number one Daughter and Mother

jc Tony Stone077

Grace Coddington and Tony Stone (far right)

JC studio five portfolio035
John Cole011

Jenny Henley 1969

JC- me_026

Number one Son singing in the rain

jc c2754102

Jill Kennington & Pauline Stone

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